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The National English Competition for College Students

¡¡¡¡The National English Competition for College Students£¨NECCS£©£¬under the leadership of the Ministry of Education£¬sponsored by the College English Teaching Supervisory Committee of China£¨CETSCC£©and College English Teaching and Research Association of China£¨CETRAC£©£¬is a nationwide competition for college students£¬co-sponsored and organized by English Coaching Paper£®The content of the contest includes fundamental English knowledge learned at college£¬English reading£¬listening£¬speaking£¬writing and translating skills£®More than 720£¬000 college students have participated in the previous four competitions in 1999£¬2000£¬2001 and 2002£®The test papers are designed based on the Curriculum of College English Teaching and aims at testing English knowledge£¬practical skills and new ideas of integrating ability and skills£®Compared with College English Test Band-4 and Band-6£¬some new styles of modules and ways of testing have been used in this competition£®The purpose of the competition is to carry out the Curriculum of college English teaching reforms£¬improve teaching methods£¬reform tests£¬arouse students' interest in learning English and encourage those outstanding students£®

¡¡¡¡There are four types of prizes for this competition£ºSpecial Prize£¬First Prize£¬Second Prize and Third Prize£®The first two prizes result from the final competition and the latter two are achieved as a result of the preliminary contest£®All winners are selected by the contest organizers in different provinces£¬autonomous regions and municipalities£®

¡¡¡¡The winners and their tutors£¨one tutor for each winner£©of the Special Prize and First Prize are granted both certificates and awards£¬Second and Third Prize winners are issued only certificates£®

¡¡¡¡Additionally£¬Outstanding Organization Prizes are issued to those institutions and individuals who perform excellently in organizing these activities£®

¡¡¡¡The names of the Special Prize winners will be published in major foreign newspapers and magazines£¬and some of the winners will be invited to join in the National English Summer Camp for College Students£®The Fifth National English Speech Contest for College Students and the Fifth National English Debate for College Students will be held during the Summer Camp£®

¡¡¡¡Schedule for 2003 NECCS£º

¡¡¡¡Preliminary Test£º9£º00-11£º00 April 20£¬2003£¨Sunday£©

¡¡¡¡Final Test£º9£º00-11£º00 May 25£¬2003£¨Sunday£©

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