The 1st International Annual Conference of TEFL-CHINA 

    TEFL-CH1NA is a national organization whose mission is to strengthen the effective teaching and
learning of English as a foreign language in China while developing international connections. The 1st
Annual International Conference offers TEFL professionals, both domestic and abroad, opportunities for professional development through the exchange of ideas and practices in English teaching and research. Participants integrate knowledge of current trends in the TEFL field while developing a    professional network.
    In today's China, 500,000 teachers teach more than 60 million students English, within 4 years the
number of children learning English will have become nearly 100 million. Therefore, the Conference will allow ideas and suggestions to be discussed and we will hopefully be able to formulate a methodology tofollow and improve TEFL in China.
    Recently, Prof. Bao Tianren, head of TEFL-CHINA and the English Coaching Paper Office, met Mr. Phillip Griffin, executive officer of IATEFL, to discuss how TEFL-CHINA can work closely with its counterparts all over the world.
    We would like to warmly invite all foreign experts in the field of TEFL and TESOL to come and give
presentations at the event. We hope that the discussions will assist the progress of TEFL all over the world.


    The 1st International Annual Conference of TEFL-CHINA will take place on August 12-15 2002 at the English Coaching Paper Office in Tonghua City, Jilin Province, P. R. China. On August 10 or 11, the Conference Committee will arrange transportation for the residents outside P. R. China to be brought from Shenyang Airport to Tonghua free of charge.


    The theme of the 1st International Annual Conference of TEFL-CHINA is Chinese TEFL Reform in the New Century. Papers in the following areas are called for:
c TEFL trends in the world
c TEFL theory and practice
c TEFL materials and curriculum design
c TEFL in big classrooms
c TEFL outside P. R. China
c Testing, Evaluation, and Assessment in TEFL


    The programme will include plenary sessions, lectures, workshops, discussions and poster exhibition. There will also be a school visiting programme, a publishers' book display and a job shop.


    Contributions in the fields of EFL and associated areas to the theme are invited for the concurrent
sessions. These may take the form of lectures, workshops, discussions or other presentations but they should not be of a commercial nature. The sessions will be 30 or 45 minutes long. Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be submitted to TEFL-CHINA by May 30 2002. Please indicate any equipment you may require.


    If you do not wish to present a paper, you can share your ideas/information on a poster. Proposals are invited for posters to be mounted in the publishers' exhibition area for viewing during the coffee and lunch
breaks. Reserve a space for your poster by sending details of the poster topic with your name, address
and telephone number to TEFL-CHINA(address below) by May 20 2002. [NB: DO NOT SEND YOUR
POSTER. This should be brought with you to the Conference. ]


    Prospective contributors to the Conference are invited to offer presentations in the form of papers,
product demonstrations, project reports, commercial presentations and workshops.
Speaker proposal forms are available via e-mail upon request. Completed speaker proposal forms
should be sent to TEFL-CHINA either by surface mail or e-mail before May 30 2002. Any proposal received
after this date will be placed on a reserve list.
The Conference Committee's aim is to let speakers know whether their proposals have been accepted
by mid-June 2002.
Speakers will be invited to send a summary of their presentations to be published in the TEFL-CHINA Newsletter.


    All the participants accomodation will be arranged by the Conference Committee. The details are as follows:
TONGHLiA HOTEL and ECP HOTEL(for residents outside China and foreign teachers in China)
c RMB 300($35USD)/room
c RMB 150($20USD)/bed(shared)
TONGHUA HOTEL(for domestic participants)
cRMB 240/room
c RMB 120/bed (shared)
DONGSHAN HOTEL or elsewhere(for domestic participants)
c RMB 120/room
c RMB 60/bed(shared)
Please notify the Conference Committee before May 30 2002.


c Registration is open to any member of the public who wishes to attend the Conference.
c Registration fees differ depending on when you register.
c In order to register, Conference participants should send a completed registration form to TEFL-CHINA. Upon receiving your completed registration form, TEFL-CHINA will arrange the accomodation and speech for participants.
c All registration fees will be paid in cash at the Conference venue.
c All registration forms which reach TEFL-CHINA after August 1st 2002 will be ignored.


The full-attendance registration fee includes Conference materials, transportation and meals for four days.
The single-day attendance registration fee includes Conference materials, transportation and meals for one day.

Registering before May 30 2002
c full attendance RMB 500($60USD)
c single-day attendance RMB 200($25USD)
Registering after May 30 2002
c full attendance RMB 600($70USD)
c single-day attendance RMB 250($30USD)
Registration fees for speakers will be free of charge.